Mapa dos céus e posições dos planetas de Diana Vandenberg, nascida a 1 de Abril 1923 9:15 AM em Gravenhage (Holanda) Signo carneiro e ascendente caranguejo / Map of the heavens and positions of planets for Diana VANDENBERG,born April, 1 1923 9:15 AM in 's-Gravenhage (Pays-Bas)Aries Sign and ascendent Cancer











Capa do livro "Amor, agressão, depressão" de Niek Brouw / Cover of the book "Love, aggression, depression" by Niek Brouw
















Capa do livro "A Deusa Sekhmet" de Robert Masters/ Cover of the book "The Goddess Sekhmet" by Robert Masters
















Texto retirado do livro / Text published in the book “Swimming where mad man drown”, by Robert Masters:

“One particularly remarkable example is a painting of Sekhmet done by my good friend the Dutch artist Diana Vandenberg, painted after she visited and was "seized by" a three thousand-year-old idol of the Goddess (Plate 4).

Every morning for one month, at the exact same time, Diana experienced a spontaneous trance and then, for one hour, Sekhmet appeared before her and "sat for her portrait." Such trances were unique in Diana's experience and the painting is, so I believe, probably her most powerful. I might add that she has been described as the finest Dutch painter since Rembrandt.”






















Excertos do livro / Excepts from the book “The Call of the Sun” by Surya Green:

Surya's book really surprised me. I couldn’t put it down until I reached the very end. Surya gets to the spiritual essence, and at the same time the book captured me like a novel. I love her deep human feelings and honesty. It is a very inspiring book which l recommend to everyone.

Diana Vandenberg, meta-realist painter

'Just tell people that Surya is your artist's name,' advised Diana Vandenberg, painter of mystical themes. 'This they will accept.'

“…Diana Vandenberg phoned. 'Hello sun, here's the moon.' She called us relatives because her name, Diana, represents the Roman goddess personifying the moon. I had met Diana three years earlier, at a pop festival held in Rotterdam's Kralingen Woods. Out of 80,000 people who squeezed together on the grass before a large outdoor stage, we happened to sit next to each other. During the long hours of rock music we occasionally exchanged remarks and, at the concert's end, she introduced herself. I recognized her name immediately. She was the well-known painter of transcendental subjects, and only a few days before a Dutch magazine had assigned me to interview her. From my purse I produced a piece of paper on which was written her name and phone number. After my return from India, Diana was one of the few friends who accepted my transformation as a very positive occurrence, and her moral support always encouraged me. Because of Diana, I attended the coming weekend's Spring Fair at the De Kosmos Meditation Centre in Amsterdam. What perfect timing. I was ready to go out and meet like-minded souls. At this pioneering festival, organized by the Dutch alternative scene, I spent much of the day and evening helping Diana sell books and postcards of her paintings. She had her own display table in a busy room where unconventional folk offered rainbow-colored candles, self-made clothes, astrology consultations, hand-crafted paper and tarot readings. In the basement tea house, misty with flowery incense which elicited a poignant nostalgia for my India, a soft voice behind me called 'Surya'. There stood Denis, whom I had met briefly a year before through a mutual acquaintance. Interest in my name change had prompted him to phone me during the winter, but in that non-social phase of my adjustment period I had declined his invitation to meet. Providing amicable company, he escorted me upstairs to the room where Diana awaited me. She and Denis knew each other by sight, from having attended various Kosmos events. For awhile the three of us looked through the book called The Hermetic Painting of Diana Vandenberg. It was a scholar investigation of her work and philosophy by Dr. Johan Stellingwerff of Amsterdan Vs Vrije University. 'Hermetic here does not mean "airtight",' Diana explained. The word referred to the ancient Egyptian author Hermes Trismegistus, whose writings embraced mystical, theosophical, astrological and alchemical doctrines. His ideas influenced her canvases. 'I try to paint universal themes of life and death,' she said. Like Elizabeth Brunner in New Delhi, she stimulated my aspirations to find my own form of creative spiritual expression. Our talk ended because it was Diana's turn to wander through the Kosmos. Before setting off she whispered to me, 'Denis would be a good friend for you: he's serious.”

“Diana phoned and expressed concern with my latest news. The Dutch winter climate was too damp and cold for an uncooked diet, she said. I was not in the Himalayas, I had to come down to earth and return to this reality.”

“The next evening Swami Satchidananda addressed a small gathering of his Dutch followers and their invitees. When I. together with Denis and Diana, entered the living room m the home of yoga teacher Tulia van Twist, the swami greeted us with a warm smile.”



Capa do livro Poimandres / Cover of the book Poimandres


















Capa do livro de GIJSEN, Wim, chamado DEIRDRE KEERKRINGEN 1985, Amsterdam: J.M. Meulenhoff / Cover of the book by GIJSEN, Wim, called DEIRDRE KEERKRINGEN 1985, Amsterdam: J.M. Meulenhoff











Capas de vários cds de Burton Green, com o cd New Age Jazz Chorale: "Light", 1976 - A capa do cd tem o quadro "Light" de Diana Texto do site de Burton Greene acerca da produção de "Levensboom - A Árvore da Vida" em (1975 - 1977 Premiere of "Levensboom" (Tree of Life), a multi-media presentation with painter Diana Vandenberg, poet Vincent Gaeta, mime Jo Roehrig, light-slide show Hans Vaessen, and Bale Dawe Motema (African) dancers. Formed 14 piece ensemble called "New Age Jazz Chorale" with tours in Holland and Germany, new works for the Holland Festival, and the recording "Light" which includes compositions "Manifesto for Angels" and "Tarot".)










Capa do livro de Grace Cook, chamado Der Pfad Der Einweihung, Aquamarin Verlag / Cover of the book by Grace Cook, called Der Pfad Der Einweihung, Aquamarin Verlag











Capa do livro Jubilamentum Diana Vandenberg / Cover of the book Jubilamentum Diana Vandenberg






















Uma foto de Diana publicada nesse mesmo livro/ A photo of Diana published in that book



















Outro livro com uma obra de Diana chamada "The Black Dancer" e uma fotografia dela da época / Another book with a work by Diana called "The Black Dancer" and a picture of her
















Artigo publicado no livro acima/ Article published on the book above
















Foto de Diana publicada no livro acima/ Photo of Diana published on the book above














Artigo sobre Diana 1968/ Article about Diana 1968













Artigo sobre Diana 1968/ Article about Diana 1968















Artigo sobre Diana 1968/ Article about Diana 1968
























Artigo sobre Diana 1968/ Article about Diana 1968




















Artigo sobre Diana 1968/ Article about Diana 1968

























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